The Strength Club aims to fill the gap that exists for individuals who want to maximize their potential strength gains, but don’t want the hassle of finding a specialized strength coach in their area, or traveling to a specific gym for training. We all know your average personal trainer just won’t do! Through The Strength Club, you can have that specific strength training from the comfort of your local commercial gym, your own home gym, or just about anywhere that has a barbell and enough weight.



My name is Sam Purchase, a strength and conditioning coach and the owner of The Strength Club. I have been privileged to work with some of the most incredible athletes and help them achieve success on the field and in the weights room. While those athletes and my role with them isn’t going anywhere, I’d like to address my passion for strength sports and provide my knowledge to as many people as possible.

My own strength journey has been a driving force of my formative years, and led to this career. Developing this passion for lifting heavy weights inspired my post-graduate research and I was fortunate enough to perform research on the force-velocity profiling of professional athletes.

Health, confidence, function, immunity. The benefits of being strong are endless but for me, there is a certain intrinsic satisfaction when breaking through previously insurmountable barriers that can only be grasped when lifting more weight than you ever have before.

Masters of Sport, Exercise & Health

ASCA Level 2 Accredited Strength Coach