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The Strength Club

Gold Tier Subscription

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Why The Strength Club?

Most people are happy and comfortable going to their own gym or training at home. Training with The Strength Club allows you to maintain that same comfort, with the guidance of a dedicated, professional coach.

Personal trainers can be expensive, especially when you see them more than once every week. Whereas, The Strength Club provides you with all the benefits of a personal trainer and more, without the price tag and without the commitment of meeting 1-on-1 for an hour at a time.

We will work around your schedule. If you can't train on a certain day, no need to cancel an appointment and pay cancellation fees, your coach can simply adjust your training for the week.

We manage all of your training. Many people see a personal trainer once a week for an hour long session. What do you do for the rest of the week? With The Strength Club, your coach will provide you with the training plan and guidance for every session.